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Our Beat

We are passionate about authentic travel experiences.

Offbeat travel is a local agency based in Thessaloniki and specialized in the north of Greece. Our small team is passionate about authentic travel experiences.

We create tailor-made tours with cultural, gastronomical and sport activities based on what each area offers, hand-in-hand with our local partners, to offer unique moments to our travelers

Tailor-made Just For You

We co-design our trips with respect to the local population

From the highest peaks of Greece to lesser-known islands, we co-design our trips with respect to the local population, the environment and our traveler’s wishes.

Taking a hike through beautiful landscapes and UNESCO heritage sites, tasting each destination’s special dish, meeting locals that can turn into friendships, are all part of what we call authentic experiences.

Great People. Amazing Tours.


Authentic travel experiences in north Greece

We promote small businesses who keep the human at heart and off the beaten track experiences, to connect with the places visited in a personal way.

Quality of Service

The quality of our services is a priority, so we often visit in person the accommodations, guides and tavernas to work hand-in-hand with them on a more sustainable approach to tourism.

Sustainable Traveling

Aware of the impact of tourism on the economy and the environment, our agency is committed to sustainable traveling. We take into account the balance and respect of the various actors in this sector, while making all travelers feel unique!

Family-run businesses

We mostly cooperate with small & family-run businesses, so that our clients better understand the cultural, social and environmental aspects of the places visited.

Outdoor Excursions

Most of our programs include outdoor excursions such as hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking and other environmental-friendly activities. We are constantly working on the authenticity of the experience by prioritizing positive interaction between local communities and travelers.


Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.